Evan Tyler - Illumine




This work is entitled “Illumine”. I have had an extended interest in the graffiti art form and its element of surprise and provocative expression. Graffiti often appears in hidden urban settings such as abandoned walls, deserted alleyways, and derelict buildings. Whereas the dominant theme of these settings is one of decay and darkness, the image in this photograph appears in just such a setting. In a dark, neglected, desolate corner, with windblown dust and leaves, a small image of a heart is illuminated by a candle. The small candle serves to cast a light to focus the viewer’s eyes on this image, which would otherwise have gone unnoticed.

The presence of the light from the candle on the imperfect graffiti-like drawing of the heart suggests that from such a desolate place, life and hope still persist. This image embodies the idea that hope is present, even when surrounded by darkness. It is my wish that this work will evoke optimism for anyone caught inn a difficult struggle, to persevere.