text and mixed media

Culture Culture

One day we will reminice on the professionalization of contemporary art with nostalgia and and humour. Rich conversations will be had about how it used to feel when people justified their intentions with didactic panels in gallery space. As we rummage through archives of wordy and ethereal texts, we will remember a simpler time. We'll say things like..

"Remember when people's practices used to explore the contours of things?"

A deep longing will linger in the consciousness of institutions and alliances.

Looking even further in the future, once again, the polished-lifestyle reemerges and we find our selves in an unhealthy relationship with permission-asking. The aftermath of the second coming will be exciting and necessary. Men in boxy white dress suits will playfully frolic in a haze of mayonnaise. Public intellectuals drag noodles across soap bars in order to achieve transcendence and redemption. A cat will contemplate cheesecake or cocaine, or both. Empires will collapse and a man will dishonestly convince himself that he's okay with the fact that he probably lost his gym shorts.

The culture vultures will always be hungry but the worms are drying up. The essay cowboys are awake; sleep becomes rest and rest becomes standing up straight. God-speed culture culture, we await your permission.


Kurt Im Hirsh
Berlin, Germany