text and mixed media

The Dying Leaf

Photographic Series,


One day while I was walking through the Ad Hum building at the University of Regina I encountered a large leaf that had fallen from a tree situated on a floor above. I admired the found leaf who appeared seemingly proud considering it's isolation and racing impermanence. I took the leaf home and confided to the cosmos that it would be sad if the leaf died. Then I realized I was being unrealistic and possessive so I decided to celebrate the leaf’s death by drawing a gradual infection of ink on it's surface, representative of the beautiful pull towards death and physical dissolve. I spent the afternoon drawing on the leaf and basking in the sun with it, paying close attention to the autumn prairie glow bouncing off of the leaf. The high contrast of light and shadows in the images help to illuminate the intricate lines drawn on the surface. These intricate lines are my own imagining of the negotiation between fragility and resilience in all forms and beings. The lines are reminiscent of the human nervous system and represent an ambiguous synergy that I imagine breaking physical forms into fractal pieces while simultaneously conglomerating them together with a collective pulse of energy. It might look something like a 1990’s screen saver with the surface value of dying, earthly elements.

Autumn in Saskatchewan is my favorite season. In death we find the most beautiful and exotic colors. I like to wear a bunny hug in mild to cooler temperatures.