Fake Plant with Barcode

Fake Plant with Barcode

Dye coupler print on paper, 5“ (h) x 7“ (w)


“This photograph begins in a ‘dollar store’ in Finland, referred to as a¬†halpakauppa. These shops are known for having a wide variety of cheap, domestic objects such as pens, water pistols and sticker-books. I was searching for felt-tip black pens for drawing.

As the yellowish glow from the fluorescent track-lighting beamed across my camera lens, I began to take pictures trying my best to capture some sort of interesting composition. My camera lens soon navigated to what looked like a very full and proud standing plant. On the tip of one of the branches hung a large, rectangular barcode. On closer inspection, the dust on the plastic tree made me smile, as I felt so much gratitude for this mundane encounter.