Blueprint for an Adequate Personhood

You are astonishing by way of the veracity, resilience and compassion that is within your personhood.

You have persevered through times of adversity and complex life challenges.

The integrity and self-regulation that you demonstrate on a moment-to-moment basis projects radiant light into your social relationships and your intimate sense of self.

Your intimate sense of self is precise and intransigent, but also spirited.

Your ability to exist in between the margins of curious experimentation and the rational mind have contributed to the balanced, dynamic, and poised existence that you have achieved and continue to build.

You have postured yourself within your community as a patient and persistent friend to others, without sacrificing your own wellbeing.

Your openness to the ups and downs of the human condition as it relates to your subjectivity and the subjectivities of others has gifted you a strong quality of empathy.

Your ability to be vulnerable permits visibility where you can see others and be seen by others.

You have acknowledged the beautifully complicated nature of the human spirit, the social consent regarding the pursuit of happiness, and the multi-dimensional and undefinable nature of this pursuit.

You understand the rhizomatic reality of human thought and the human experience.

You challenge patterns of thinking in yourself and in the world around you.

Your challenges and adversities have provided valuable life lessons that have led to transformational processes resulting in further reflection, introspection, self-analysis, self-love, self-regulation, conscious living, mindfulness, personal inventory, and a life narrative driven by the acceptance of further, perpetual and unending life lessons.

You are compassionate with yourself and others and do not expect perpetual happiness.

Your life is structured and balanced, although you recognize when to embrace the chaos when it is needed in the spectrum of growth.

You afford yourself fortitude and genuine confidence.