Light Shapes


“Light Shapes”
2009, digital stills


These images were taken in the interior of the Rundale Palace which is situated in Pilsrundale, 12 km. west of Bauska, Latvia. The palace was built in two periods: 1736-1740 and 1763-1768, and stands as a great example of Baroque and Rococo art. The architect, Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli, designed it as a summer residence for the Duke of Courland in the 1730’s. The paintings on the ceilings and walls were created by two Italian masters, Francesco Martini and Carlo Zucchi. It has been undergoing restoration since 1972 and the work is ongoing on its 136 rooms.

Inside of the palace I observed several gigantic windows allowing beams of light to penetrate the interior, reflecting onto the floors. I acknowledged the idea that these beams of light have been hitting more or less the same placement on the floors since the palace was erected in the 1700’s creating the same light shapes throughout the interior. As the sunshine illuminates and fades in and out everyday, these light drawings follow the course and have maintained a presence among the many rooms and archival properties of the Rundale Palace. The windows are tall and even though they allowed me to see out of the Palace, they still seemed to add more volume and presence in the room. I imagined what eyes have looked through these windows in the past; what did they see?


The “Light Shapes” series was featured in my recent solo show “Worlds Apart” at the University Club, Regina, Saskatchewan. Click here to view a slideshow.