Organic Digital Frames



ORGANIC DIGITAL FRAMES – An Outdoor Installation

The project took place in an outdoor location which was Munroe Park in southside Regina. The installation featured three television monitors that glowed in the night atmosphere. The televisions were powered from a generator, and seemed to stem from a bush area and evergreen trees. The weather was typical of late November – there were blizzard conditions and there was a great deal of snow on the ground.

I am interested in the modern tilt toward organic nature and the preoccupation with concepts of growth and beauty in relation to naturalism and earthly elements. I am particularly interested in this concept from a marketing point of view, for example, where the elements of nature are used to glorify intelligence, or brand a product “organic” in identity. In a world of mass technological influence, there appears to be an existing concentration of preserving themes of natural essence which are opposed to the cold, metallic feel of computers and mechanics. The obvious reason for this is the concept of associating health and wellbeing to organic nature. Despite the potential for the positive influence that technology can offer mankind, it is still viewed as a man-made concept and therefore poses certain threats to the historical and traditional values of natural life. It appears that there is an underlying fear that technology poses complexity to the simple development of a natural order.

When I say I am interested in concepts from a marketing point of view, it is the relationship between natural elements and technology that comes to mind. Everything from food to cosmetic products, clothing, corporate reputations and brands, seem to feed from the popular identity of growth and nature. The earthly elements of the outdoors seem to be a trusted and welcome part of our lives. However nature also has its faces of disaster, just as the abuses of technological power. For example, tornadoes and hurricanes are part of the rhythms of nature, as is the creation of nuclear weapons and misuse of internet service that promotes child porn. There is no way to avert a natural disaster and conversely there is no way to change the course of the technological evolution. However it is the way that we perceive the two concepts that interests me.

“Organic Digital Frames” reflects a depiction of an outdoor location, using frames within frames. The larger frame is the world, the very space the viewer is standing in. The smaller frames are the television monitors that show images of the exact environment that the viewer is standing in. These digital portraits of the outdoor environment create a visual relationship between technology and nature and this concept is left open for the viewer to further debate and reflect upon.