Patrick Swayze Pony Meditation


breathe deep and envision Patrick Swayze as a magical pony

allow him to travel with you to forever

he's very pleasant

blond hair and mane so majestic

innocuous blue eyes looking into your soul

and letting you know it's all just life

there will be more days

and years

for you to discover more life on your own terms

he will be there to guide you

it's a promise

Patrick Swayze Pony shows you a big cement bowl


it's in the middle of a lost desert

there is no water around anywhere

you are dehydrated

in a trance-like state you observe some cracks in the cement bowl

Patrick Swayze Pony sees the cracks as well

he also sees the desperation in your eyes

he focuses on the cracks and then closes his own eyes

you both stand in silence feeling the hot desert wind on your shoulders

soon you hear the distant sound of pouring

the cement cracks slowly and slowly begin to release clear blue water

your first impulse is to run to the cracks and drink

Patrick Swayze Pony gently holds you back

for a few moments you both watch the water seep through the cracks

in a matter of moments the water intensity increases

soon the cement bowl is filling up inch by inch

the sun dances across the water like lovers do

the once dry and dusty bowl is gradually filling with clear refreshing water

when the bowl is full it glistens with life and love

Patrick Swayze Pony looks at you with an expression of understanding

his eyes sparkle and match the hue of the water

together you dive in and become one with the water

you both drink the water and enjoy it's life giving force

Patrick Swayze Pony wrestles you playfully in the water

the water splashes and you both call out to the cosmos many times

when you are both quenched and satisfied you exit the bowl

slowly you walk together side by side into the horizon

the sun is going down and the stars are coming out

forever is now and the beautiful evening will bring you much rest

Everything is love