New drawings by Evan Tyler

I'm not sure if a series of drawings can express the overwhelming sense of amazement I feel when I think about all of the things that are happening in the world simultaneously. I myself tend to feel overwhelmed when I consider all of the strange, mundane and grand things happening at the same juncture. Sometimes it makes me laugh, sometimes it makes me cry, and sometimes it tires me out. The best way I can respond to my own placement in a busy and frenetic world is though image and language, and most of all humour.

For the most part these drawings depict playful juxtapositions of simultaneous existence. Each drawing embodies the form of a "political cartoon": a hand drawn image with text that satires cultural phenomena with absurdity, cautioning the audience about the other side of whatever societal coin is being tossed. While broccoli is happening, you are staring at art. Someone's Dad is listening to Neil Young and while he nods his head to a good groove and understands himself on a new level, a woman in a robin red coat feels a particularly genuine sense of confidence in her new colour. Oh, and have you heard about those neutral faced blue ghosts who seem to be running photo-intellectualism?