the real canadian

The Health Food store in Kensington Market is one of the most Canadian places I can think of. The aisles are so thin and congested with ingredient conscious Canadians maneuvering their way through what always proves to be a spatially complicated mission

"Oh excuse me"
"I'm just gonna get by you here..."
"Pardon me"
"sorry, I just have to... ya..."
"let me... just squeeze... okay, thank you"

Hollow and instinctual apologies bounce off the tofu, ricochet off the bulk almonds and eventually land in your own mouth as you scale by an individual who is staring fixedly at the kale bunches. Some nervous laughter occurs, it's important to connect to something

The butternut pillow talkers always come harder at the oxygen till
no one dreams of a cottage so beautiful

The Health Food Store in Kensington: a refuge for the real Canadian