Kathryn Calder - Castor and Pollux


This is a video response to the song "Castor and Pollux" which is an original composition by Victoria-based musician Kathryn Calder. The song is from her debut solo effort "Are You my Mother?" released in 2010 on File Under Music.

The video portrays the coming together of two kindred spirits and the playful endeavors which lead up to their connection. Through the juxtaposition of Toronto's high-paced metropolis as well as the open vastness of Saskatchewan's prairies, physical landscapes and cognitive landscapes are utilized to challenge the viewer's sense of time and space. It is my intention and hope that this video evokes a heart warming sense of beauty and humour in the context of a modern love story. If time is all that we have, then we should spend that time doing what we love with who we love.

Evan Tyler 2010

Original song by Kathryn Calder.

A special thanks to Marek Tyler, Ashley Clark, John Johnstone, 2Fik, Shop Girls and Kathryn Calder